Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Remnants of Hurricane Rosa, is moving further into United State as Arizona’s capitol city of Phoenix experiences widespread flooding, road closures, blackouts, and school closures from the rain. The official weather of monitoring station at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport, has recorded 2.08 inches for this month as of 9:20 MST.

A flash flood warning was issued by the National Weather Service starting at 9:30 MST to 10:30 MST, to Maricopa County including Phoenix and surrounding areas. Flooding closed low elevation schools prompting cancelation from Desert Horizon, Rio Vista, and Rainbow Valley Elementary Schools, also Maricopa County Community College cancelled their classes at 11:45.

The AZ Department of Transportation confirmed to the Arizona Republic that they experience three times the normal volume of traffic accidents. Also, low elevation roadways or roadways running through washes trapped vehicles requiring dangerous swift water rescues. In Arizona, it is illegal to drive on submerged roads potentially requiring a rescue, facing stiff fines as part of the Stupid Motorist Law.

Electricity provider Salt River Project, reported 2,500 customers lost power in the late morning which was restored 45 minutes later.