Natural Pms Treatment Soothes The Pms Beast}

Natural PMS Treatment Soothes the PMS Beast


Bill Esteb

You know what we mean, that time, the time right before you get your monthly period when you may feel crampy, achy, depressed and a whole lot of other things.

And, the real problem is you have very little control over your moods or behavior so loved ones, co-workers, and even people in the grocery store steer clear of you. Youre downright miserable and you dont even want to be in your own body. What can you do?

Pre-menstrual syndrome, or PMS, affects 85% of women, especially between the peak childbearing years of between 20 and 40, with symptoms that can range from very mild to severe.

Physical symptoms include headache, bloating, water weight gain, food cravings, cramps, tender breasts, acne and fatigue.

Emotional symptoms, which can be far more severe, include mood swings, anxiety, depression, crying spells, memory/focus problems, withdrawal from others and, in extreme PMS cases, panic attacks and suicidal thoughts that make it impossible to function normally. Wow thats pretty serious stuff.

Maybe youve tried a number of treatment solutions, including over-the-counter pain relievers and special PMS formulas, prescription medications (i.e., anti-depressants, mood stabilizers or birth control pills) or herbal remedies. Maybe theyve helped to a certain degree or maybe not at all. Or, maybe reading the long list of side effects on any prescription medication leaves you feeling even more irritable and anxious!

Do you know that chiropractic care has shown some amazing results in helping to reduce or even eliminate the symptoms of PMS, without the potentially harmful side effects of over-the-counter and prescription medications? If you’re interested in trying an all natural PMS cure, I highly recommend stopping by – the free online natural health directory – today for more information.

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Natural PMS Treatment Soothes the PMS Beast}