Fake Fireplaces Can Create An Illusion Of Warmth

By M. Jedediah

A lot of people don’t feel at home in a house unless there is a crackling, warm fire to come home to. Unfortunately, fireplaces aren’t built into the design of every apartment or house. Adding them in later can be cost prohibitive and even against lease agreements or code, so a compromise must be made. This is where fake fireplaces can really shine.

While they won’t likely offer the smell of a roaring fire or the fully beauty of the dancing lights, fake fireplaces do have some advantages. They include:

Affordability: The pricing on fake fireplaces over putting in an actual house-structure-changing fireplace is a very big factor. These fireplaces aren’t “cheap,” but they are a whole lot less expensive than hiring a contractor, getting building permits and more.


Safety: Since fake fireplaces don’t generally burn wood, they are not typically considered fire hazards. Some do, however, burn liquid agents, so this might not be the case with all fake fireplaces. Electric ones can be a whole lot safer than any of the options and they can manage to produce heat while giving the illusion of a roaring fire.

Portability: Since fake fireplaces are typically freestanding this means the investment is one that can go with a renter or homeowner whenever they move. They can also be moved from room to room when some designs are chosen. If there’s a desire for the illusion of a fireplace in the dining room, that’s possible. If romance upstairs is on tap, the fake fireplace can be moved typically with ease.

Doesn’t break a lease: Trying to rebuild a room to add a fireplace can be a huge no no in a rental, but having a fake one around is generally okay. Since there will be no structural changes to the apartment or rented house, these are seen as very good options for those on a lease that can’t live without the illusion of a roaring fire on a cold winter’s night.

The options in fake fireplaces are many, too. They include:

Electric: These fake fireplaces don’t even generally burn anything, but they can look like they do. Just plug them in and move them around as needed. They might even manage to provide a little heat while they’re looking pretty, too, which is a great thing for adding to the ambiance.

Gel: These fireplaces burn gel canisters and typically don’t require any ventilation. When the gel’s gone, the canister is simply replaced. The downfall to these creations is that gel doesn’t put out a lot of heat so the full illusion of a fireplace will be a bit murky.

Gas: Gas-burning fireplaces are pretty popular. They don’t require a lot of changes to a room or house’s structure, but they might require a simple vent system be put into play. The gas does provide for a roaring flame and can even produce some heat.

Not everyone can enjoy the roar of a wood fire and the beauty of a fireplace where they live. Whether it’s structural, financial or even climate issues that make this so, fake fireplaces can fix the problem. Offering a variety of choices, these creations give the illusion of a real fireplace without the downfalls.

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