Easy Ideas For Decorating A Large Living Room

By Alyssa Davis

Decorating a large living room can be a challenge, but there are many different possibilities for a large space. Many homeowners do not fully utilize the space that they have available, and they often end up filling a larger living room with furniture that is awkwardly positioned, or they leave areas of the room bare, which is an invitation for clutter. The tips that follow should help you to decorate and arrange the furniture in your larger living room.

Selecting and Arranging Furniture in Large Living Room

One golden rule of decorating is that the furniture in the room should be to the scale of the room. This does not mean that you need to run out and buy a huge sectional couch, but bear in mind that the room can definitely accommodate larger furniture items. Be sure to buy enough seating for the number of guests that you regularly entertain. And be certain that the tables in the room, such as coffee tables and end tables, have space for your guests to safely place their beverages when visiting you.

Arrange the seating in the larger living room so that carrying on a conversation is easy. Furniture and chairs should be facing each other, and there should not be too much space between seats. Steer clear of lining the chairs and sofas against a wall, but bring them inward, to the center of your living room. Ideally, the furniture should be arranged around a television or fireplace. Be certain to leave enough space in the seating area to walk around the room’s perimeter comfortably.


With a larger room, you can always have more than one area for seating. You might want to have a specific area for conversations and a separate area for watching TV. An area rug can be used to anchor each area of seating, and the rug should be big enough so that the front of the chairs, sofa, and so on, can rest on the rug.

Experiment in the layout of your furniture in a large living room. Try out unconventional positions, like positioning your sofa so that it is angled against the wall. If you find the back of a sofa unattractive, dress it up with a console or sofa table that holds green plants or vines.

Adequately Using the Space in a Large Living Room

After you are comfortable with the arrangement of your furniture within your large living room, you may notice that you have bare space remaining – probably in the corner or on the sides of the room. Use this space creatively. You might consider creating a reading corner, or having a small indoor garden where you can grow and display plants. This space can also be used as a bar area, which is easily constructed with a console table, shelving, and bar stools.

Choosing Colors and Accessories for the Large Living Room

Warm colors such as yellow, red, and brown, are ideal for adding coziness to a large space. And since the room is so spacious, you can feel uninhibited when choosing colors that are dark, including choices for fabrics, furniture, and wall paint.

Accessories for the large living room should also be large – including large wall art pieces. Bold patterns and very tall glassware or pottery are also great for larger spaces. You might choose to have your favorite photograph blown up onto a larger canvas print, and then arrange smaller photos around it.

About the Author: Alyssa Davis writes for Metal-Wall-Art.com and is a specialist in creating unique interiors with elephant metal wall sculptures and tropical fish metal wall sculptures.

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