The Floor Clock Has Style, Too

By Andrei Myers

If you’re flaying yourself over what type of long clock or grandfather clock to get, there’s a chance you haven’t looked up floor clocks. These kinds of clock has style you can be hoity-toity about. They are smashing and have that distinct character any modern home or office would give their eyeteeth for.

Stop Caviling

You’ve got several objections about getting a grandfather clock. You’re not getting anywhere. If your protestations are about the price and design, it’s because you haven’t looked long and hard enough at the different themed tall clocks.

The floor clock of your dreams is waiting for you and it has the style you want. You’ll be in for a surprise at the overwhelming array of selections. As for the price, there are different price ranges for the different models available. You can also get a bill-me-later-plan from the merchant. Now, do still have reasons to complain?

The Tell-all

This type of clock is a grandfather clock with the familiar pendulum without the weights. The difference between a floor clock and a grandfather clock lies in the design because these are not usually sheathed in wooden cases. This has a more unconventional or avant-garde style but features the same mechanism or technology used in the grandfather clock.


These mechanisms make for the clock movement, chime, and hour strike. The pendulum swings to regulate timekeeping. The weights of the clock should also be raised once a week, or every 7 days. Please remember to wear clean gloves, though, when handling your floor clock’s glass, chimes, and pendulum. This is to ensure that stains or marks will not mar the beauty of the clock.

Care for the clock is the same given for the traditional tall clocks. You have to oil it periodically and check the weights and the pendulum, or find out if the clock needs re-bushing. It is easier to find technicians to work on the maintenance of your clock, and you’ll be more comfortable knowing that an expert is doing the job for you.

Like the traditional or contemporary long case clocks, the floor clock is 7 feet tall and boasts of innovative styles to suit current tastes. They’re affordable too. You can get one for $799.98, just a few hundred dollars more than the gadgets that are crowding in your bag.

Styles To Go


Chatmoss by Ridgeway

comes in wrought iron with cabernet finish, 4/4 German quartz dual chime, separate hour strike, night shut-off option, and volume control. The pendulum has an antiqued finish that lends character to the unusual styling. At the bottom is a marble base on which the clock is set on for stability of balance. This model also uses 2 C batteries. Coming with a one-year warranty upon purchase and white glove delivery service, you get the best deal.

Becket Curio by Ridgeway

is another fabulous wrought-iron creation with a nutmeg cherry base and crown. There are three shelves with mirrored back for curios and keepsakes, which can be accessed through a hinged door. This model has the standard features like the night shut-off mechanism, volume control, and a quartz-powered dual chime movement.

For classic lines to fit into more formal d?cor,

Howard Miller Coliseum II

shows the influence of Greek and Roman architecture. The case shows off carved leaf patterns on the base and collar, fluted columns, and an aged appearance that comes with manually applied dark umber to simulate a crackle finish.

Still caviling about the floor clock? Look, this clock has style, too.

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