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Rna Builders Having The Lasting Commitment To Quality And Home Seekers Satisfaction


October 15, 2018 by 7jF6eU

RNA Builders Having The Lasting Commitment To Quality And Home Seekers Satisfaction


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R.N.A. Builders is one among Mumbai\’s leading realty developers. Inceptioned in 1980 by Mr. Roshan Lal Aggarwal, the company\’s core business is that the realization of residential realty developments around Mumbai city. R.N.A. Builders is a house-builder with a distinction. As the company, they have a tendency to huge lengths to confirm that each one among their properties may be a valuable investment, also as a snug home. As the company brings many decades of expertise in home construction, reflective the individual lifestyles of house owners.

As statement given by the Managing Director, Mr. Anubhav Agarwal, that RNA Builders are honored to belong to the RNA Group with them its dream aspirations and values. As the company is professionally driven with ways that maximise advantages to their consumers. As the company have developed all their projects keeping this in mind. You can find their projects in Mumbai not solely esthetically pleasing however conjointly of the best quality standards they glance forward to your association with them in near future.

RNA Builders is a prosperous developer must play several roles in completing every project. As companies closeness with these roles, whether they are for their account or their patrons\’, and a diverse project background, offers the team with a major advantage in handling the myriad details involved every project.

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1. Extensive Expertise : The RNA Group real estate development company with intensive expertise in this space, it\’s a role the corporate is comfortably taking part in. Over the previous eighteen years, they\’ve developed over 12.5 million sq. ft of residential and commercial area with a powerful presence in central and western part of Mumbai.

2. Strong Performance : This solid base of business development has provided them with a chance to develop extraordinarily various projects as well as residential parks, retail/commercial buildings, etc. This expertise is delivered to the table with each transactions.

3. On Time Projects : Delivering projects on time and among a longtime budget is vital to the company\’s success.

Since 1981, RNA\’s basic philosophy has been that a prosperous realty investment is that the results of constant and excellent management. Distinguished property performance are often assured solely by determined responsibility to a active intensive management program with attention on performance and client satisfaction.

The RNA Group is a multi-faceted realty development and equity investment corporation with sturdy working information in the areas of development, investment analysis, construction and varied finance structures. The firm was established in 1981 to manage, develop and lease preponderantly RNA inhibited projects and has spread to all areas of the real estate sphere and on the far side. As the President, Mr. Roshan Lal Aggarwal, presently directs the corporate. The corporation has endure to increase in size and variety.

With quite 20 years of business expertise and information, RNA Builders delivers to both individuals and institutional consumers. The key to their success is regional focus, that facilitates their active intensive management and an comprehensive knowledge of property and its native market. This robust focus can offer valuable insight to the client wants and conjointly beware of communities\’ want surrounding every property.

As the

RNA Builders

name as the business leader relies on a certify track record of property fulfillment and consumer satisfaction. As they are glorious of their success and also the quality of services they offer. Their continuing commitment is to stay the leading real estate company in the country by offering unexceeded service and property performance for their patrons.

This entire article deals with the present real estate scenario across India followed by realty companies adding up to the developments in this field. One such organisation is

RNA Builders Ltd

working with great dedication and commitment towards developing well structured infrastructures.For More Information Visit:

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