Popular Storage Sheds

Popular Storage Sheds


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Storage sheds are becoming a common household storage solution. It comes in different sizes and materials which you can choose from depending on your requirement.

If you have a lot of equipments eating up so much space in your house or garage, it is recommended that you invest on a storage shed. A storage shed can be placed in your backyard. It will also help a lot in restoring precious space and is very practical storage equipment. Storage sheds can be utilized to store old furniture, tools and equipments like lawn mowers, and any other large items. Generally, they are weather resistant, robust, and come with lock ensuring the security of your equipment. Small sizes of storage sheds are great for keeping gardening tools such as wheelbarrows, fertilizer materials, watering cans, and planter boxes.

Storage sheds employed in constructions come in different sizes and materials. These sheds are usually made up of either vinyl, metal, wood or hard plastic. Vinyl made sheds make use of double wall boards which are effective in withstanding dents and hits. They can also bear up any climate condition. Steel doors are mostly installed with these sheds.

On the other hand, metal made storage sheds typically use galvanized steel or aluminum and are covered with enamel finish. These features ensure that it will endure for many years. There are also storage sheds made of wood. They have varied designs which can match the interior of your home.


In selecting a storage shed for your backyard, you must look for features such as shelves, work benches, and ramps. The shed must also have windows so that you can have sufficient amount of light and air whenever you need to work on a certain project. The popular brands of storage sheds include Arrow, Suncast, Rubbermaid, and Duramax. The prices of storage shed range from $400 to $2000. The expensive ones have the best quality materials you can rely on.

The bestselling sheds include the ones made by Arrow. The Arrow Estator is one of the models sold at $700. This shed is large enough to contain huge equipments. It measures 10 feet x 14 feet. This is ideal for spacious backyards. The shed also comes with a wide door making it easier to place your equipments. The center height measures more than 8 feet which provides enough headroom. Arrow storage sheds have a 12-year warranty. Because of its metal structure, you can have the peace of mind that your precious possessions are protected the whole year round.

Rubbermaid is also one of the renowned brands of storage sheds. Its most prevalent model is the outdoor roughneck modular large vertical storage shed. This style is best for garden storage as well as other outdoor gears like bicycles, camping equipments, patio chairs, and so forth. This model features ramps which make it simple to control wheeled tools such as lawn mowers. The flooring is built with durable materials and can securely support tools weighing 1300 pounds. Rubbermaid storage shed also has cast in grooves in its wall panels letting you to add 6 shelves that are sold separately. This shed comes with front doors wide enough for easy accessibility.

Besides pre-manufactured storage sheds, you can also have the alternative to build your own shed from scratch. This option is much cheaper because you don t have to pay extra for labor cost. Building your own shed can be a difficult task. However, with knowledge in construction and woodworks, you can customize the design depending on your taste and style. There are a lot of web sites which can provide you with shed design plans and necessary guides for constructing your own shed.

The Murryhill Steel Building storage shed is also one of the finest models. This shed comprises of extra large size and measures 14 feet x 31 feet. Murryhill is well suited for stocking large gears and may also be used as a workshop for any project you want to create. This storage shed has a unique, incredible roll-up garage style door which does not take up much space. The exterior features a vinyl coated steel giving added protection for your equipments.


Storage Area: Square feet: 291′ Cu Ft: 2527′

Interior Dimensions: Width: 164″ Depth: 255 1/2″ Height: 114 1/2″

Wall Height: 94″

Door Opening: Width: 106 1/2″ Height: 91 3/4″

Recommended Foundation Size: Width: 164″ Depth: 255 1/2″

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