Personal Branding

Personal Branding



Does your networking directly reflect you as a person? If a client or new contact looked at your website, would they get a sense of who you are as a person? Personalizing your brand and networking to reflect your personality is important. Deep business relationships can form when all networking aspects reflect your personal brand. You can develop your brand with Covington Who’s Who:


Biographies The personalized biography created for you with your membership to a professional network can be the first step to your personal branding. Your biography will highlight your accomplishments, achievements, and past. This biography is the first reflection of you your connections can see. Website Design With the website links provided with your biography, you can continue your personal branding on your website. Your website should reflect your goals, professionalism, and personality. Your website is a major reflection of your personal branding and should not go unnoticed. If your current website design just isn’t living up to these expectations, Covington Who’s Who can design your website for you. Our web site design experts can create a professional or personal website design for you that reflect the image you would like to portray to the public. Videos You may have a website but it may not be capturing your audience effectively. One of the best ways to grab a viewer’s attention on your website is through a video. Covington Who’s Who has video production services available to members. Videos can be a wonderful way to express and form your personal brand. Videos can be customized to fit all of your needs. For example, if you would like your personal brand to strongly reflect a particular aspect or accomplishment, a video can be created to highlight it. Wall Plaque Another reflection of your personal brand is your office space. Potential clients and customers will scan the walls for accomplishments and credibility. With membership to Covington Who’s Who, you can receive a customized wall plaque and certificate of recognition. These additions to your office will let everyone know of your membership to the exclusive and highly honored Covington Who’s Who. While they may seem small, they can quickly establish credibility. Your personal branding is important. Do you ever stop to think about how others perceive you when you are networking? If not, you should begin to take your personal branding more seriously. Covington Who’s Who can provide you the tools to position your personal brand accurately.

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