Paslode Woodworking Gun Review

Paslode Woodworking Gun Review


Allan Clearpool

It has been over a month now since I first began using the Paslode Cordless Finish Gun, and I could not be any more pleased with it. I used it again a couple of weeks back to get a door to swing in the opposite direction, and it came through for me and reminded me how much time and energy a cordless nailer saves once again. It is the perfect woodworking gun.

The Paslode is a cordless finish gun that comes in both 16 gauge and 18 gauge versions. The best thing about the this gun is that there is no need to dig a compressor out of the garage and lug it over to where the project is. No need for finagling with a tangled up rat s nest of a hose, either. When this woodworking gun is really nice is when you have a quick simple project to do. It s particularly irritating when you have to drag out a compressor and hose just to shoot a few nails. This can sometimes make the setup take longer than the actual project.


Another thing that I was amazed about with this product, is that I expected it to not have much strength and sturdiness to the nailing connections it would make. I just assumed it was like most other finish guns, which are good fro little else besides base & case (running baseboards and casing around doors). But you would be surprised ant how sturdy and strong the nails are.

I used the Paslode to build an outdoor shed once. I was in one of my bad moods and just wanted to get the job over with in a hurry, and the last thing I wanted to do was deal with a compressor and hose. I actually built the entire shed with the Paslode and just added screws afterwards. The entire project moved so fast.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Paslode is 100% worth the price you would pay for it. You can find them for about $250, which is fair for a comparable finish nailer, but when you factor in that all the other guns need an air compressor, which in itself costs around $300, not to mention a hose, the Paslode will actually save you money.

There is even a little hanger on the gun so you can hang it on your tool belt or jeans pocket. They do require gas cartridges, but they last fotr what seems like forever, and the batteries charge quickly and run for hours on a single charge.

Now that I have experienced for myself the benefits of using a cordless woodworking gun, I ll never go back.

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