Oven Ignitor Replacement

Submitted by: Rich Caldwell

If your bake operation on your gas oven is not functioning properly and you notice the oven burner does not ignite consistently than chances are good that you have a bad ignitor. Below you will see a step by step guide on how to properly install a new oven ignitor.

There is a wide variety of oven brands and designs vary considerably from one oven to another. Proper care should be taken to account for the differences between the body styles of ovens such as Whirlpool, Kenmore, GE, Frigidaire, LG, and others. The procedures are very similar however give proper attention to detail to get the job done properly.

Ignitors are manufactured in round or flat (rectangular) designs depending on the oven model. Do not mix the two. If you have a round ignitor, replace it with a round one. If you have a flat ignitor, replace it with a flat one. If you are unsure of which ignitor to use than obtain a parts diagram for your specific oven and obtain the proper part number.

On most brands you can access the inner oven area without removing the door. If you would like to remove doors for ease of access then follow the manufacturer’s procedure for removing the door. On most GE models, open the door partly and gently pull up on door to slide off the hinges. On Whirlpool and KitchenAid type ovens open the door to the full open position, lower hinge clips – see product manual for location -, close the door partly and slide the door off the hinges.


The inside bottom panel of the oven cavity will need to be removed. Remove thumbscrews at the back of the bottom panel. Grasp the back of the panel through vent openings and pull away and up to remove panel. This will expose the ignitor.

Remove the lower drawer to gain access to ignitor wire terminals. Disconnect the ignitor wires from valve and wire harness.

Remove the burner assembly. There should be one screw holding the front of the burner to front inside oven. With the drawer removed, locate the other screws securing the lower part of burner tube and remove the burner tube.

Remove the two screws securing the ignitor and install the new ignitor. A useful method of removing the two oxidized screws is to put a dab of liquid soap on each of the threads before removing the ignitor.

The plug and terminal ends of the old ignitors must be reused. Cut both ends 3-4 inches long and splice to the new ignitor wires using porcelain wire nuts.

Feed the wires back through the rear of the opening and reinstall the burner tube.

Plug the two wires back in and tuck the excess wiring behind paneling or gas tubing. Replace the bottom panel of oven.

The above procedure will work on most domestic models of ovens and ranges. It will usually take about 1 hour to perform this job.

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