Making Upholstered Headboards Work In A Masculine Space

By Ben Weissman

Men like clean lines, modern styles and functionality. Can an upholstered headboard, then, work? While as a rule of thumb many looking for a masculine look should consider metal or wood, fabrics can work well, too. The process really goes in finding the right solution for the individual’s particular needs. Take into consideration a few tips that can help you to get the right masculine look for a bedroom.

Focus on Color

One of the best ways to get the comfort and style of upholstery while still having a masculine space is to focus on color. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

— The color of the material itself can be anything that works for you. Whites and lighter colors offer a more feminine and airy feel, but when you incorporate a deep red or more luxurious colors, a masculine feel comes out.


— Ensure the bedding works well with the fabrics of the headboard as well. Here, you may wish to focus on bedding that matches well with the material of the headboard.

— Keep the color of the surrounding space comfortable and inviting, as well as masculine. Selecting sexy red colors or going with deep blue’s can help to bring the allure to the space while offering that masculine look to anything within the space.

Color is an important part of any selection of a headboard. It is particularly important in situations where you are focusing on fabrics, though.

Texture Matters Too

Another area to look at is texture. In headboards and bedroom furniture in total, it is a good idea to look for more masculine appeal. For example, a soft, supple look is best for a feminine look. When you have a rougher texture, you have a more masculine appeal.

Another way to consider texture is in the layout of the headboard. Those with large button like features breaking up the space are more feminine in nature. Those headboards with a more inviting look and flat surface are more masculine.

Some people will want to look for a slight pattern on the fabric, too. Assuming that the look is not floral, a headboard with a repeated pattern can work very well. However, it is important to keep dramatic elements, such as bright opposing colors and patterns, to a minimum. Those patterns that are busier are more feminine in nature than those that are simple and elegant instead.

As you consider the options for your next headboard purchase realize that you can go with upholstered headboards. The look you are going here should have a rough and touch appeal to it, rather than a soft look and feel. In many ways, purchasing the right looking headboard will really set the tone for the entire space, giving you the look and feel that fits with your goals. However, if you find that there are limited options available or nothing that is overly masculine appealing, do look for other headboard options, including metal beds. For a masculine feeling room, look at all of your options before investing.

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