Just Do It : One Of The Most Famous Mottos In Sports Filed

Just Do It : One of the Most Famous Mottos in Sports Filed


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Nike running and Nike air can be regarded as the synonym of Nike shoes. For most of people, they are not strange. The fans of Nike shoes are expected to known well Nike\’s logo and its slogan \”Just Do It\” which is one of the most successful slogans and process that a good slogan is able to influence the promotion process.

\”Just Do It\” is one of the most well-known slogans in sports field and it appears in all corners of the world. From this slogan, people, especially those young ones, can get a sense of cool. Also they would be stirred by it. Moreover, it embodies all elements of a slogan which is required to be concise, direct, memorable, effective witty, etc.


This motto can definitely be regarded as one of the most classical one. Simple, clear, and oral, all these are the characteristics of this motto. And for different people, if they explain this motto from different points of view, then different meaning may be acquired. Here, Shakespeare\’s words may be appropriate: there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people\’s eyes. For example, this motto may be understood by customers as \”this is my choice\”. And I will buy them, and then wear them. While the motto would be understood as \”try it\” by the businessmen. What\’s more, in everyday life, with different contexts and situations, different meanings can be worked out. In this way, this slogan would include richer meanings. For example, it can be understood in this way: just does what you\’d like to do and insist until you make it.

According to the Center for Applied Research (CAR), Nike\’s slogan, \”Just Do It\”, is probably one of \”one of the most inspirational brand statements of all time\”.

The Center for Applied Research made a research about Nike company. From this case study, the creation of Nike\’s slogan can be revealed. In 1988, a meting was held between Nike Company and the Wieden & Kennedy advertising agency. Then this slogan came into the world. Nowadays, this slogan and the Nike swoosh have become a kind of identification of Nike products.

The motto \”Just Do It\” has encouraged most customers to get Nike shoes to achieve their dreams. If the young expect to be runners, and if they choose Nike running shoes for training, then when they are faced difficulties, and tend to give up, the slogan on Nike shoes will offer them great encouragement. Besides, the basketball players will also benefit from Nike air max series which are high-qualified with excellent jumping materials and the endorsement of the famous basketball players like Jordan will prove us that everything is possible. We can know from Nike\’s history that you will make it eventually as long as you work hard and insist your dream.

Nowadays, \”Just Do It\” has been well-known in the whole world.

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