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On taking a tour using the Grand Canyon helicopters, one stands a chance to experience many thrilling moments. The place is a haven of such things like history, geology and nature. To help passengers better understand the place, most, if not all choppers have in-flight tour narrations.

Visiting the mentioned region was not possible before the introduction of the tours. For now, it is possible to take a flight from Las Vegas to South Rim in a tour that costs 159 dollars, down from 175 dollars. One only needs to pay 484 dollars, less 125 dollars for a flight, boat ride and VIP skywalk. These deals are valid as of February 26. Great discounts of up to 35 percent are available on the same Wednesday that will blow your mind.

A full-day trip will be good if you would like to spend more time exploring the region. At the same time, one can opt for the half-day trip because of other reasons such as financial constraints. While enjoying the ride towards West Rim, you will be able to see Lake Mead, the Dragoon Corridor and Hoover Dam among other great views.


Being able to see canyons that are inaccessible by land, the rock formations and wildlife always make visitors wish for more time. By the time a flight is complete, the trained pilots make sure they have covered the whole park. Apart from the outstanding skills of the pilots, the choppers can navigate through wind gusts that are common in the park. A stop at West Rim gives the pilots a chance to re-fuel while passengers enjoy snacks and walk around.

Early planning is always a good thing. Go ahead and make an early booking for the holiday tour. This way, it will be easy for you to know more details about the nature of the trip. For any special needs, letting the staff know is very important since it will enable them arrange for the same. On the touring day, the coordinator will give you such information like the various destinations and weather condition. The latter information comes in handy in deciding the mode of dressing.

Choosing between the different packages that are available can be challenging. One can use few factors to make the decision-making easy. What one prefers will come first. If you love boat rides, then go for it. The issue of cost is another factor. Depending on how much money one wants to spend on the trip, making a decision will not be hard.

Since there are flights to the rims on a daily basis, one can plan and go for a tour on any day of the year. Having the tour on special days will add glamour and thrill. Such trips present chances for making lifelong memories.

Start saving some money and plan to go for one of the tours. The packages available from the tours mentioned above help one save some money. One pays for the whole package and gets to enjoy all the services available. At the same time, taking advantage of discounts is another way of enjoying outstanding flights at reduced prices.

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