Finding Early Stages Of Genital Warts

By Roger Thompson

Genital warts are a condition that is sexually transmitted. This condition is caused by the human papilloma virus more commonly referred to as HPV. Finding out if you have early stages of genital warts can save you from costly and painful treatments when genital warts have become more serious. The human papilloma virus is divided into a few sub-categories. There are some types of genital warts that are more resistant to treatment then are others. The reason it is so important to catch it in the early stages of genital warts is that some strains are associated with cancers of the genital areas.

For those people who have contracted genital warts from their partner, the early stages of genital warts may leave you with no symptoms. You may not know you have been infected in the early stages of genital warts as symptoms may not appear for 2 to 4 weeks after you have been infected. When you are in the early stages of genital warts, warts may not appear for months.


When you have genital warts, it is rare that they are painful, but they can be itchy. Warts can vary in their appearance. Genital warts can appear flat or they can be cauliflower-like warts that are rough. Genital warts can appear by themselves or in groups.

Women who have contracted genital warts can expect them to appear inside the vagina, next to the urethra and on the lips of the vulva. Genital warts can also appear inside and around the rectum. For men who are in the early stages of genital warts, they may appear under the foreskin of the penis in men who have not been circumcised or on the penis itself. Men can also have warts that are in the urethra in the later stages of genital warts and they can appear in and around the rectum as well.

In early stages of genital warts, they may appear so flat that they are not visible to the naked eye and the person infected has no idea that they have contracted an STD. Usually these flat warts will make themselves known in time as they can cause the person infected to become itchy and there may be a burning sensation. These types of genital warts can be detected by your doctor after he performs a few tests. Those who do not practice safe sex and have multiple partners are most at risk for contracting genital warts. Because of the serious consequences that can accompany genital warts, it is best that you be diagnosed in the early stages of genital warts.

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