Dr. John Fagbemi: Your Oral Emergency Helpline}

Dr. John Fagbemi: Your oral emergency helpline



Dental emergencies are sudden and uninvited. If you are not aware of what kind of injuries come under emergency dentistry, you should read along for the knowledge of it. Not only will it help you over the course of time, you can also take your family members to an emergency dentist knowing beforehand what you can expect. We all know that accidental injuries cannot be avoided. While some injuries need immediate attention of your dentist, the others can wait for a short while. Emergency dentistry requires exceptional skills in the field of dental science and Dr. John Fagbemi is one such eminent professional.

There are a few oral injuries like cracked, broken or knocked out teeth which can happen due to various reasons. They can be caused due to an accident, sports-related injury, a fall or even with age. These all injuries require an emergency dentist for treatment if the effect is too evident. If the injury is severe, you may need to visit a dentist as soon as possible. Professional dentists like Dr. John Fagbemi are available to handle such emergency situations with great proficiency, patience and understanding. You can visit him and there are maximum chances that you will be seen on the same day.


If your tooth is knocked out completely and there is an odd gap which needs filling or you have even serious condition like nerve damage. An immediate visit to a specialist like Dr. John Fagbemi is advisable. It is also advised that you must handle the tooth as little as possible so that the situation doesn’t worsen. Few steps that you can follow is trying to put the tooth back in the socket if it seems possible and biting on a wet tea bag which can help a bit. Any emergency dentist would advise that you should be careful about noticing any abscess or pus formation around mouth ulcer. This required immediate treatment before it affects you more.

If it seems impossible for you to put your tooth back in the socket, you can keep it in a small container filled with milk or your saliva until you visit any emergency dentist. Also, Dr. John Fagbemi recommends that you should clear any kind of dust particles from your tooth and keep it clean and tidy. To block or minimise bleeding you can use cotton dipped in cold water. This will help in controlling bleeding until you reach any professional. These factors will help you ease up a bit before you see your dentist.

Apart from knocked out tooth, there are other dental emergencies handled by Dr. John Fagbemi. These include attending to sensitive teeth, tooth pain, wisdom teeth pain, teeth setting, whitening of teeth and any other infections. Most of emergency dentists fail to provide such range of treatment. But, a visit to the clinic attended by Dr. Fagbemi will reveal a list of happy customers. Once you step into the clinic you will be in safe hands and taken care of. You will also witness a friendly environment and very hospitable staff members that will relax you considerably.

Serious oral injuries may need an

emergency dentist

for treatment. Deal with oral pain by consulting one of the best in town,

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