Dentist Fort Worth How To Teach Kids To Brush And Floss}

Dentist Fort Worth How to Teach Kids to Brush and Floss


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Brushing and flossing are just as important for young children as for grown-ups, but it may be more difficult because they have small mouths and less dexterity. It may be difficult for your child to use the floss and toothbrush, and many children may have a hard time catching on until the age of six. Nonetheless, it is important for you as the parent to continue to brush your child’s teeth twice each day to remove an accumulation of plaque, which will cause tooth decay in the future. If your child is younger than six, it is important that they are supervised when they are brushing their teeth so that you make sure they do it for two minutes. When you are teaching these habits to a young child, it will necessitate patience as they learn.

You can begin by purchasing a small soft bristled toothbrush for your child, and apply a pea sized amount of toothpaste. Make sure to purchase a toothpaste that is appropriate for children, and avoid using any toothpaste that has fluoride until your child can avoid swallowing the toothpaste. Teach your child to hold the toothbrush at a 45 angle so that the bristles are pointed at the gum line. Start to gently brush the teeth in a circular motion, and brush all of the surfaces of every tooth. It may be simple to instruct your child to floss their teeth because they usually have large spaces between the teeth. If your child does have tight spaces between their teeth, they will still need to floss regularly to prevent any risk for tooth decay. It may be easier to use a flossing aid, which will teach your child how to floss thoroughly to protect their teeth.


There are different fun tips and methods that you can use to make it simple for your child to understand how to brush their teeth. You can take this time to brush your teeth together, and you can also take turns brushing each other’s teeth as a fun experience. You can also let your son or daughter pick out a fun decorated toothbrush that has cartoon characters so that they look forward to brushing their teeth. To make tooth brushing even more enjoyable, you can sing a song together while your child brushes their teeth so that they brush for a long enough time.

To help your child better understand the method of brushing teeth, you can say oooh and ahhh so that they better understand how to open their lips to reach all of their teeth. The bottom line is that oral hygiene is a long-term commitment that is necessary for your child to learn from a young age. When he or she makes the habit of brushing and flossing every single day, it will instill the importance of caring for their teeth as they get older. These habits for children will help to prevent cavities and tooth decay in the future!

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