Coco Bonbons: Marketing Little Boys Fun Fashion From Coco Bonbons Clothing

By Alice Wilkene

Coco Bonbons: Marketing Little Boys Fun Fashion from Coco Bonbons Clothing

Coco Bonbons is the hottest stuff to hit the shelves for childrens wear. Coco Bonbons clothing does away with the standard prints and goes beyond the usual pink, blue, and white colors always associated with toddlers clothing. Coco Bonbons stylish outerwear, caps, coats, dresses, pants, tops and bottoms are bolder, quirky and FUN. Tops and bottoms can be mixed-matched and accented with trendy accessories, to achieve a look that stands out anywhere because Coco Bonbons took toddlers fashion from humdrum to sensational.

Coco Bonbons Fall Collection for Little Boys

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After the successful of the Coco Bonbons winter collection, Coco Bonbons follows this up with the first fall collection of Coco Bonbons collection for boys and girls. The fall collection showcases the following appliqus:

Bear/Tent Helicopter Robot Penguin Lion Bulldozer Outer space Bonbons Bear/Tent collection. Mix and match a corduroy hunter green bear/tent collection coat with a tan Bear/Tent collection pant with hunter green twill tape for that rugged look. A bear/tent white turtleneck with a green acorn embroidered at the neck is a smart pair to the hunter green bear/tent tailored pant. Coco Bonbons uses the softest twill for the pant and 100% cotton interlock for the turtleneck. Helicopter collection. Overalls with adorable appliqud helicopter on gray canvas fabric accentuated with orange bindings at the yoke, and side and front pockets. This article was provided by

The overalls also have easy snaps for easy dressing. Coordinate this with the helicopter coat, striped shirt or plain long sleeved T-shirt, your little pilot is ready to go.

Robot Collection. Red or grey long-sleeved tee goes well with the red cargo pant or grey knee patch pant. Match the red jacket with the grey knit pant or show off the raglan T-shirt with green sleeves and white body with a coordinating baby blue corduroy pants. The robot inspired casuals from Coco Bonbons uses 100% cotton. Penguin Collection. Black corduroy pants with front and back patch pockets, faux zipper detail, side pockets and snaps gives it the classic look. You have a perfect match with the black sleeved raglan royal blue and black T-shirt with a royal blue body. A striped rectangular piece on the T-shirts is detailed with zigzag stitches a playful penguin. Lion Collection. This Coco Bonbons clothing line included mittens in this collection, made from 100% cotton shell, with 100% polyester polar fleece lining. The collection is completed with a collection coat, cargo pants, and T-shirt.

Coco Bonbons line of clothing for infants, toddlers, and children up to age five are carefully designed for comfort without sacrificing fun. Little girls have their ribbons, tights, caps, coats, and muffs and little boys have their separates, coats and caps, and coordinates from Coco Bonbons clothing collection this fall. After shopping for the cups, mugs, potties, bibs, and high chair, shopping for Coco Bonbons creations will be fun.

Give your toddler the cutting edge in toddler fashions only from Coco Bonbons. Pure and Honest Kids carry all Coco Bonbons clothing, your one-stop-shopping experience for your toddlers needs.

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