Celebrity Endorsement Is A No Emotional Encounter

By Paul Hu

Celebrity endorsements, in fact, famous enterprises of containing a commercial activity. Nice point is that star quality and product qualities of the perfect combination, did not sound point is to spend money on a star to pop consumers help themselves ??. This law of the propagation over the world, no errors, but many have regrets, stars and hearts are steelyard business, just a name of one for the money Bale. Celebrity endorsements, in fact, one does not encounter the feelings, the gentle long, long experience, long the pale.

A successful marriage and love, the two sides need to let go of love once complete. Need money need to take time sweet need intrigue. Numerous times without sorrow and happiness, there is no friction and awkward many times, how can we do Xinkouruyi, how to create a look you can read it ten years the essence of love.

I agree and appreciate the contribution of stars of the business. I just feel that this contribution is missing something. I think the lack of enterprise and star kind of real trust between the lack of the kind of fighting with the basic principles. Everything is accelerated, and this encounter is artificial, is a commercial, is not the basis of mutual appreciation.

Enterprises looking star, will say three things: First: How much money fame. Second: can you help me sellers. Third: good going to treat you. The corporate mentality of the kind of rich characterization of fully exposed, care about money and more concerned with star effect, care about efficiency and more concerned with star qualities. But the world is just so cruel, do not you think that you get, you get that you did not expect.


I personally invited over stars and star Erbinsimo also negotiate terms. All is the price, everything is the length of time, all that is arbitrarily arranged. Advertising a film, feeling Wai Wai, a contract that away. My research showed that compliment each other all the advertising is completed not add up to 30%, showing how this combination of reality. This time the event felt the most unfair one of the most expensive price to buy flower relationship between the shortest and most superficial relationship. And the process is also particularly cheap to buy. What is the most expensive in the 21st century, star. This is the last word.

I think celebrity endorsements is a show, a big joint show. Is the time people took part in the show. Star in the show, entrepreneurs in the performance products are also performing. Who are together all the relevant show. Boss show, show corporate responsibility and the power of the brand, star Xiu his influence and charm, the product Xiu own image and function. Show a vast scale, it is so does not count the cost of the show opened. Only show’s success was the failure of some show Bale.

I remember the first time with a star endorsement, we consider the first question is whether she and I have relations to consumers, whether it is the kind of thing can burn relationship and a fire burning uncontrolled on that. In fact, celebrities endorsement branding process, we are most concerned about three issues, one star is the real star is. We are afraid of a false star, not accepted by the people who continue to love is not, that would be our life, consumers do not want my life, owners have to clean up my last breath. The second is the star and the product fit. – Global Brand Network – the product and the star temperament temperament must fit, if not fit, just as with the excellent brother’s shaved head as Head & Shoulders, like advertising, consumers will throw us and the star feed Trimeresurus Anji bamboo forest deep not. Third, he can actively participate in the activities of our line, if not we will discount the effect of the star, and then go back to a 50% discount, consumers have not limited this time to see stars in the television, they like to see the stars in the field, in between dreams and reality find feeling. In cooperation with the star, we are most afraid of their own creative star, the advertising changes like a “three piece”, so that we’d rather die. Fortunately, we win this battle, or the kind of money to buy a cheap feel really Taiwei Qu.

Celebrity endorsements, a no emotional encounter, perhaps a little bare so, somewhat to also install equipment to also install equipment to dig. Business cooperation with celebrity endorsements as to the interests of husband and wife together, not feeling comfortable should be installed, do not have to install a happy happy, so as to show down.

Celebrity endorsements and then need to input a short time, also need to meet each other, this is a moral. Since the encounter would love one, wild point, really points, but also be a much-told story.

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