Atlanta Cosmetic Dentists

Atlanta Cosmetic Dentists


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If your smile exposes rotten, discolored, or crooked teeth, you are not presenting your best image. Initial impressions are very important. For some, anticipated visits to the dentist can be filled with dread. But, many people have had favorable and comfortable experience as they take steps to improve their dental health and smiles. If you haven t been to the dentist lately, then you are in for a surprise.

The health of your teeth has been shown to reflect the health of your entire body. Excessive plaque in the mouth has been linked to heart disease. Bad breath can adversely affect you personal and professional relationships. Darkened and discolored teeth are unsightly and reflect poor health. Misaligned teeth can result in trauma to the jaw and cause chewing and speech problems. Under the expert care of a highly trained dentist, these teeth problems can be resolved, and you can have an attractive and healthy smile.


One option to straighten teeth is Invisalign, a process using an invisible tray to align teeth. Invisalign is comfortable and will go unnoticed as you undergo treatment. The trays are comfortable and removable, allowing you to eat, drink, brush, and floss. (These trays also make it easy to whiten your teeth at the same time!) While each case is different, most Invisalign treatments take about a year, with regular 6-8 week visits to your dentist. Invisalign promotes better oral hygiene resulting in a healthier mouth and improved gum health. You will be clearly amazed at the results!

Porcelain veneers are another treatment your cosmetic dentist can offer. Thin yet extremely strong, porcelain laminates are bonded to the teeth. The outcome is an award-winning smile. Dr. Boulden and Dr. Estep are two atlanta dentists who can make that happen!

Atlanta Dental Spa is a far cry from the cold and impersonal offices from our childhood. Today, there is the Atlanta Dental Spa housing a sleek, modern office, which has the ambiance of a luxury spa. Atlanta residents will find this cosmetic dental office provides an Internet caf , TVs in the ceiling, Bose sound canceling headphones, and ergonomic dental chairs. As well, they offer a variety of payment options.

Atlanta GA residents will find a welcoming dental office headed by a highly skilled team of AACD award-winning dentist. Drs. Boulden and Estep, two Atlanta cosmetic dentists, have been awarded for their excellence in cosmetic and smile design dentistry and were given Fellowship status in the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics. They have staffed their office with professional and personable staff to insure that you will have a positive general or cosmetic dental or experience. Their number is 770-998-3838

Drs. Boulden and Estep are the only two

Atlanta dentists

in Georgia to have been named fellows in the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics.

Atlanta Dental Spa

offers a spa-like experience with excellence in cosmetic dentistry.

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