A Cheap Smart Car Is A Smart Purchase

By Peter Clark

Smart cars are fast becoming more popular over the last 12 months. Originally considered a novelty, the smart car is on the rise as a modern fuel efficient and cheap motoring alternative.

Cheap smart cars are now an excellent way to avoid the high cost of motoring.

You may already be familiar with smart cars. A tiny four wheeled vehicle no more than about half the length of a normal car. The smart car has a distinctive shape and look and you may well have seen them in the street.

If not you’ll recognize a smart car when you do see it. The most distinctive feature of the car, apart from the fact that the smart car is extremely short, is the steep windshield sloping down to the front of the car, with the front bumper, if you could call it that, right in front of the front wheels.


The original intention of the smart car was to be of use as a vehicle that avoided the parking headaches of larger cars by reason of the fact that it was so short it could park in parking spots so small that not much other than a motorcycle could park there. Not only that but it was also so small that it could park nose or tail in to the kerb without the other end of the car poking out into the traffic and causing a traffic hazard.

It was intended that two smart cars could park in a space which would normally be taken by one regular car, or even 3 smart cars could park in the space occupied by a large vehicle.

The smart car was the result of a joint venture between Daimler Benz the car manufacturer and Swatch the Swiss watch manufacturer. The smart cars were manufactured in a purpose built factory in France which as established in 1994 and so have been around for some time. It is said that almost 1 million smart cars have been sold in over 25 countries.

In early 2008 smart cars became available in the US, and people started to realize that a cheap smart car was a smart motoring purchase.

Smart cars are cheap compared to average vehicles, and have many advantages over many vehicles as well. And of course they also have disadvantages. They take only 2 people, and are extremely small so it isn’t practical to spend a day shopping and expect to put your new television in the back of the car.

That being said there are some good reasons to buy a cheap smart car, particularly for city dwellers. As said they are cheap to buy and cheap to operate. They have a gasoline motor but because of the small size and weight of the car don’t eat as much fuel as just about any other car. They are easy to park and easy to house even in the smallest garage. They have achieved surprisingly good results in safety crash tests.

For the canny buyer there are good reasons to buy a cheap smart car. There are small numbers of used smart cars on the market and a second hand smart car is a good way to maximize your savings from a purchase of a smart car. There are a number of places where you can pick up a bargain on a used smart car online if you know where to look.

So if the price of gas is becoming an issue for you and you’d like to keep driving but at a much reduced cost then consider a cheap smart car. It’s a smart purchase and may well keep you on the road when others can no longer afford gas.

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