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By Harley John

In today’s world when appearances makes a lot of difference and first impressions matter, dressing up is no longer just a hobby but a necessity. So not only the dress one wears, but also the accessories one coordinates with it are of importance. It is interesting to note that the accessories can make even a simple dress look interesting. It can make the look catchy. These accessories include watches, jewellery, shoes, hair accessories, and handbags.

Handbags can be of many types like the large tote bags, sling bags, clutches, hobo bags, drawstring bags, etc. The handbags are used not only by women but also by men, though they are used for carrying more stuff than money rather than a fashion accessory, for example travel pouches. Sometimes even laptop bags, duffle bags, etc are classified under hand bags. The usage of fashion handbags depends upon occasions as well. Some can be used to colleges and picnics, while others can be used for formal occasions. There are clutches that are usually carried with evening designer wear. They are highly ornamental. Then the tote bags used by women to carry all extra stuff like cosmetics, pepper spray, medicines, etc. They are most suitable for travel as they are large in size and shape as well. These bags are made of numerous materials like leather, flannel, cloth, jute, wood, etc. Now-a-days the bags are also made of recycled material.


Many designers have their own brands of handbags as accessories. However, they are priced very high based on each of their brand value in the market. Due to this they are not available to all. Numerous rip offs of these designer bags are available in the market that is better than the original and they are also cheaper and sometimes with the designer label as well. The expensive stuff should be taken care of properly and see to it that they do not get destroyed. All leather bags should be stored in dry places usually in cloth bags. For most other material it is enough to keep them away from dust and water.

The wholesale market thrives on requirement of less expensive stuff from the market. They sell the products in bulk or large amounts. So usually it is the retail chains and supermarkets that buy stuff in wholesale. It always comes out cheaper when these things are bought in huge amounts.

There are many retail chains that also give heavy discounts when these fashion handbags are bought in bulk. These can also be bought online as well as most of the electronic commerce sites provide discounts on large quantities. The next time one decides to buy a fashion handbag, it would be better if they time it in such a way that friends and family are ready to buy one as well. This is so because when it is bought in bulk, it is going to be cheaper. Wholesale fashion handbags can be bought through wholesale stores either through websites or from actual stores available in the neighbourhood. Amazing varieties of wholesale fashion handbags are available in the market and more the number that is bought, more the discount.

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