Pmuy: Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana Recommendations

Affordability – because of the excessive powerful price of the top off, that’s INR 150–250 (USD 2.3–3.8). This value is better than the actual refill rate once misplaced wages and transportation fees are factored in.

The inconvenience of sporting heavy LPG cylinders from remote warehouses because of limited doorstep delivery (particularly in M.P.).

Behavioral biases, which affect households who do not don’t forget smoke to be the main issue.

Most PMUY households are first-time LPG range users and are unaware of safety practices while using an LPG range. Their houses are unventilated, are made of wood and straw, and feature a low roof ceiling, therefore making it unsafe to apply LPG stoves.

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Key Recommendations


Since the affordability of LPG refills is one of the predominant boundaries to uptake, we recommend that the government have to design credit and deposit-linked economic for

PMUY beneficiaries in association with MFIs, self-help groups (SHGs), and small finance

banks. This would help fund the fee of LPG cylinder refills.

The Government of India (GOI) must not forget to increase the quantity of LPG subsidy

for PMUY beneficiaries to lessen the fee burden of LPG refills. This might convey

extensive behavioral exchange and assist Indians to adopt clean cooking gas. It might price

a further burden to the exchequer to provide a subsidy to PMUY beneficiaries. This

extra burden to subsidize 50% to 75%three of the present cost of LPG cylinders might

be within the range of INR 29 to 78 billion (USD 433 to 1,148 million) respectively every year.


To obtain PMUY targets, LPG dealers have stretched far past their catchment areas and enrolled beneficiaries living far from their warehouses. These beneficiaries must journey long distances to attain their LPG dealers to shop for refills. The authorities need to shift the LPG connections of PMUY beneficiaries to their nearest LPG dealer warehouses to keep away from challenges related to transportation and accessibility. Ideally, warehouses should be located within five kilometers from homes of beneficiaries.

The government must incentivize LPG dealers to supply the LPG cylinders to the home

area of PMUY beneficiaries. We estimate the annual fee of incentivizing sellers to provide domestic delivery to PMUY beneficiaries could be in the range of INR 4.6 to 5.7 billion (USD 68 to 85 million). The dealers need to additionally be allowed to manage an extra LPG warehouse near the location of their PMUY beneficiaries


Beneficiaries cited that they are unable to gauge whilst their LPG cylinder is close to

being empty. As a result, they are not capable of making economic plans for their subsequent purchase. One option might be that the authorities provides a double bottle connection to

those PMUY beneficiaries who can manage to pay for it, which might assist them better manage their energy requirements. With a further LPG cylinder available for cooking, the beneficiaries can with ease make economic arrangements to purchase their next refill.

The authorities should make efforts to boom cognizance of the benefits and safety functions of the PMUY scheme to mitigate any misconceptions. A combination of mass media, along with TV, radio, and newspapers and focused promotional activities, such as video on wheels, street shows, and street plays may be used to attain PMUY segments.